How to Improve Your Professional Wardrobe

Ransacking the wardrobe minutes before going to office is common practice for all business professionals. A workstation or office has a lot of similarities and differences when desired clothing is considered.

Not many people realize that they chose the same clothes most weeks to wear to office. This happens when a wardrobe is stacked with plenty of unwanted clothes. About 80% of your wardrobe therefore lies idle without you even glancing towards that end.

Tips to Improve Your Professional Wardrobe

Listed below are some tips that can help you re-order and rearrange your wardrobe to suit your needs better:

  • Remove clothing that haven’t been worn in a year
  • Purchase classic styles to use in different outfits
  • Organize your wardrobe with essential garments ( like skirts, pants) with neutral colors, black, beige, navy blue, etc
  • A jacket or a black coat is a must have for office wear
  • Select clothes that are comfortable to wear and do not restrict movement
  • Ensure that the skirts you wear are appropriate
  • Avoid loud and flashy accessories
  • Wear proper hose and lingerie
  • Wear comfortable and matching shoes
  • Avoid sleeveless tops and plunging necklines
  • Avoiding spraying perfume on your clothes
  • Always double check your look, before heading to the office

Wardrobe management calls for a few minutes of planning and organizing that can leave you less confused to select clothes for office. Have well-constructed ideas to purchase classic styles and easy-to-launder clothes and be willing to spend a little extra on good fabrics, stylish and comfortable apparels.

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