Fashion After 40

Young faces and slender bodies rule the front page of most magazines, fashion journals, advertising campaigns and runway shows. It is true that what is young, fresh and vivacious is a popular and never changing trend.

There are numerous tips to keeping a healthy and fashionable persona, starting with an exercise regime, nutritious eating, and choosing the best clothing for your body type.

Fashion after 40

Here are some tips that can help make you fashionable in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond:

Clear the details:

Wear clothes with fewer details and stitching that can draw more attention to problem areas. For example, avoid patch pockets, pleats and ruffles on clothes.

Wear clean lines:

This implies tailor-stitched clothes like jackets, dresses and tops that will glide comfortably over waist and hip.

Classic styles:

Classic styles are going to stay forever. For example, long flowing chiseled A-line skirts are a staple for every wardrobe. Stick to wearing the classic style of clothes to look fashionable and age appropriate.

Dress Appropriately:

Cover the excess weight in your upper arms, thighs and belly with appropriate clothes. Wear short sleeves, or three-quarter sleeves instead of sleeveless, Capri’s instead of shorts and modest necklines, instead of deep necklines.

Women are often confused, upset and frustrated when they cannot fit into the clothes they did so in their 20’s or 30’s. This happens because time and gravity takes a toll on women (menopause, bone degeneration, pregnancy which are all health implications that women suffer with in different phases of life).

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