Ten Steps to Beautiful Lashes

Most women are finicky about three things in particular: body shape, clothing and makeup. The latter can completely transform appearances and mascara plays a very important part in that transformation. Most women want their eyelashes to look long, dark and distinct.

Mascara Tricks in Ten Steps

  • Choose the right mascara wand: A narrow, lengthening wand will enhance volume and a round, fluffy wand will aid in curling.
  • Remove old makeup before applying fresh mascara.
  • Dip the mascara wand into the solution in a twirling motion instead of pumping it.
  • Dab away the extra liquid with tissue paper or wipe against the edge of the mascara bottle.
  • Hold the wand firmly but do not apply too much pressure to your lashes.
  • Start from the base of your eyelashes and brush the wand up and out in one swift motion.
  • The lower eyelashes should be stroked from the base towards the outside with just the tip of the mascara wand.
  • Keep creating layers with several strokes and don’t allow the liquid to gather on one strand.
  • Blink between strokes to make sure you’re not overloading your lashes. If clumps appear, brush them out neatly with the help of a mascara comb or a plastic wand.
  • To highlight the tips of your eyelashes, blink into the mascara brush.

By following these mascara application tips, you’ll speak volumes through your lashes.

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