Why Do Ponchos Rule Every Woman’s Wardrobe?

Traditionally, ponchos were made to keep the body warm. Ponchos can be defined as a single, simple garment worn over the shoulder and upper body. The garment has an opening at the head and at the hands. Of late, ponchos have taken the role of a must-have fashion accessory for all seasons.

The poncho is known by different names, such as Ruana in Columbia, Chamanto in central Chile and Paunchu in Kashmir, India.

Types of Ponchos

  • Ponchos with embroideries or other designs.
  • Knit or crocheted ponchos.
  • Ponchos of various colors.

There are ponchos decorated with sparkles, beads and festive replications, and of colors made especially to fit the mood of certain festivals and events.

Why Do Women Wear Ponchos So Often?

  • They provide warmth to the body.
  • They’re fashionable worn over a pair of jeans, trousers or tights.
  • If made from impermeable fabric, the poncho works as a rain protector.

Ponchos don’t need a reason or a season to be part of a woman’s wardrobe. Come summer or winter, the poncho is in vogue forever. Ponchos are comfortable, chic and sassy, and suit any environment.

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