The Scottish Kilt is Back

There was a time when men wore the kilt with honor. People trembled at the charging horses, which were ridden by fierce, courageous Scottish warriors wearing kilts wrapped around their waists with grace.

Now the kilt has become an embarrassing thing to wear. Men often shy away with the mere mention of wearing a kilt, which is a sign of changing mindsets: the kilt now being regarded as nothing more than a skirt—a sign of femininity.

Even though we have great celebrities like Mel Gibson or Sean Connery flaunting the kilt in many ancient war movies, the modern man usually does not prefer the kilt.

There are, however, some men who believe in breaking the rules of normality and who appreciate the pride of wearing the kilt to occasions like awards, dinners and launching ceremonies.

Types of Kilt:

  • Scottish kilts, with the famous tartan designs
  • Irish kilts
  • Welsh kilts

Kilts are available in varied designs and colors. There has been a growing trend in ordering kilts online.

Kilt Accessories

Kilts are to be worn with different accessories depending on the situation and mood of the occasion. The most commonly worn kilt accessories are:

  • Belts;
  • Jackets;
  • A black Gaelic knife or dagger, stuffed ruggedly on the top of the sock;
  • A pair of Ghillie Brogues shoes, with laces at the instep and without a tongue, usually worn for Scottish country dancing but now also worn at social events;
  • And kilts with pockets.

Wear a kilt with a small group of other kilt-wearers to the next party you attend. The stage will be yours so do all you can to wear the most exquisitely-designed kilt.

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