Tips to Look Slim and Trim

Most people dress well to make themselves feel good, or so others compliment them for their style and grace. One of the most important criterions of looking good is dressing to look slim. Size, therefore, really doesn’t play much of a role in style if you know the art of wearing yourself slim with the right colors and prints.

Tips to Look Slim and Trim:

  • Avoid clothes that make you look bulkier, like frills and heavily woven or stitched sweatshirts and sweaters.
  • Shiny clothes can show unwanted curves, so avoid satin as much as possible—especially silver and white satin.
  • Wear dark stockings and tights with no prints or designs to make your legs appear slender.
  • Do not wear large and loose-fitting clothes to hide your bulges as such clothing will make you look even bulkier.
  • Your lingerie and undergarments should be well supported and should not make your attire look clumsy from the outside.
  • Wear dark colors to make you look slim, such as black, navy blue, and dark green.
  • Prints, designs and horizontal stripes can make you appear larger. Vertical lines on your tops, t-shirts or shirts can make you look slimmer.

Use these tips to wear yourself slim. Don’t fret about your weight; eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to keep your weight in control and to look fresh and rejuvenated.

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