Tips to Care for your Gems and Jewels

Diamonds, emeralds and rubies are a part of many families and homes, and many are fortunate to have these previous gems. However, negligent or careless handling can damage or cost extra money. Another way to keep your gems and trinkets glittering for years is to clean them as jewelers suggest.

Tips to Care for your Gems and Jewelry

Listed below are some important tips that will help your gems stones and jewelry glitter through ages:

  • Remove your diamond-studded or stone-studded finger rings while doing any heavy work or exercise
  • Remove stone earrings while taking a shower, before a swim or before engaging in any kind of water sport or aerobics
  • Do not pull out a finger ring by pulling the stone out of the base
  • Keep all the gemstones jewelries separate as stones can scratch other stones or even metals for that matter like gold or silver
  • Dirt and germs collect behind the rings specially. So clean your stone-studded jewelry by dipping them in a bowl of warm water and light detergent. Do not wash freely in a sink or you could let your jewels slip down the pipe. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, platinum and gold can be washed with a little bit of ammonia as well. Do not dip silver, emeralds, opals, etc in such strong solutions or ammonia and avoid ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning these gems.
  • The best remedy would be to avoid cleaning with strong substances when you are not too sure about the effects.
  • Opals, pearls and amber which are organic gems should be wiped with moist cloth only. Do not dip them in strong solutions or ammonia. In addition, do not expose these gems to chemicals contained in your sprays, perfumes, cosmetics, etc and also to strong light or heat. Avoid ultrasonic cleaner for these stones as well.
  • For opaque stones like turquoise, malachite and lazuli, wipe with moist cloth, Avoid cleaning them with detergent as they are rocks and not crystals which can get easily discolored due to the absorption of soap, chemicals, etc. In this case too, avoid ammonia, chemicals or ultrasonic cleaner.

Like your clothes, expressions and smile, your gems and jewelry also speak volumes with their shine or dull outlook. Remember to wear your jewels and gems always bright and fresh by keeping them clean and by handling them with care.

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