Dressing for summer heat

The sizzling sun can disrupt your mood, style and attitude. Hence carrying clothes, footwear, accessories and makeup become an additional trauma during summers. While the season will do its best to make you look as grim as possible, you find ways to beat the heat with cool summer fashion tips.

Cool Summer Fashion Tips
Some tips that can help you look as fresh and vibrant in summers are listed below:

  • Add light glitters to your makeup and clothes to add summer sparkle
  • Halter tops are great alternatives for hot summer heat, and always in style
  • Always protect skin with correctly worn protectant, or block
  • Invest in the summer dress, available in maxi or mini length
  • Wear fabrics with lighter thread count, cotton and linen make excellent breezy choices
  • Invest in footwear for the summer, sandals, flip-flops and canvas slip-on.
  • Avoid heavy and dark accessories, to help alleviate added heat and interesting tan lines
  • Protect your eyes with a trendy pair of sunglasses

Remember that summer is here to make you feel hot and comfortable. Turn the tables and show the world how cool, comfortable and chic you can look this season.

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