White and bright

White personifies beauty, grace and poise – from runway to clothing racks, there are varieties and options to wear white, on any body type, skin tone with any array of clothing preferences.

Tips to Wear White

  • White certainly attracts: Wearing white gives you an edge over the rest because it makes you look genuine, carefree and cheerful.
  • Wear white with the correct contrasts: This would help you in looking much trimmer than you actually are. For instance, if you have broad hips and wear a white lower with a contrasting black top, then your hips are going to look larger. To slim hip size, wear a flowing white top with properly fitted denim, defining your waist.
  • Experiment with black and white: Ensure that your clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags.
  • Look brighter with complementing colors: Try bright colors like pink or green to look more spirited. For instance, match your accessories, shoes, jewelry, and bag with your clothes. Three most preferred combinations are black-white-pink, black-white-red or black-white-green.
  • Wear white to suit the occasion and season: Beauty experts recommend that white should be worn in summers and till the end of the summer season.
  • Wear white for comfort: Most people say that white makes them feel comfortable. Therefore white can be worn casually with a pair of jeans. At the same time, white can also give you a professional look.

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