10 Tips to look trendy

Looking trendy is not difficult if you can learn to carry any apparel, hairdo or footwear with comfort and style. Therefore dressing to perfection or near to perfection implies giving attention to every minute detail that can make you uncomfortable and incomplete like – a smudged makeup, clumsy clothing or shoes.

Top 10 Tips to Look Trendy
Listed below are ten tips that can make you carry anything with beauty, grace and composure:

  • The color of your apparel should match with your complexion and weight. For example, black can help you look slimmer and chic whereas horizontal stripes can add bulk appearance.
  • Wear the correct amount of makeup on your face. Do not overdo your lashes, eyebrows or lips.
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    Balance your contours with finesse and gentle strokes to get a naturally beautiful look.

  • Purchase clothes that suit your body. For example, tight fitting clothes can make you look healthier. Make sure that you are absolutely comfortable in what you are wearing.
  • Repair chipped nail polish by removing the stains and applying fresh nail color.
  • Remember that your hairdo needs to match your face, clothes and the texture of your hair.
  • Match your footwear with your clothes and ensure that they are comfortable to put on.
  • Ensure that your lingerie and underwear are made of suitable fabric to avoid irritation. Also keep them well fastened to avoid loose ends showing up under your sleeves or around your shoulders.
  • Keep hair color properly maintained with routine dyes, or touch-ups.
  • Match tights, and leggings with shoes, pants or skirt.
  • Wear appropriate clothing to suit different weather conditions.

A thoughtful and careful precision of the amount and type of makeup, clothes, hairstyle and footwear can boost confidence. Sneak some time out and make yourself look as trendy and well-kempt.

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