Men's Dress Shoes: Put Your Best Feet Forward

Men are generally very fussy about the comfort and grip of their shoes. This calls for a one-time, durable and an expensive pair of dress shoes. So instead of regretting over cheap quality shoes focus on buying intricately designed and shaped dress shoes that will always compel you to put your best feet forward.

Men’s Dress Shoes Details
Some basics of flaunting the best ever men’s dress shoes means carefully inspecting the pair on the basis of the following criteria’s:

  • Leather Quality: Men’s dress shoes are generally made of leather. Ensure that the leather shoes feel smooth and are flexible. Rich quality leathers will have fewer scars on them and are therefore marked at higher prices. Look for shiny, glass finish with little or no scars and no artificial seals. Focus on the interior as well as good-quality leather shoes also have leather soles. These leather soles absorb perspiration and prevent feet odor.
  • Perfect Lining: Ensure that the lining of your leather shoes is firm at the edges and towards the bends. A well-defined leather dress shoe for men means a clean and firm finish at all corners and sides.
  • Stitching: Men’s dress shoes should also be clearly defined with clean stitching. There should be no knots or loose ends either on the outside or inside of the shoes. Welt finishing at the soles also need to be clearly stitched without any loose ends.
  • Soles: Leather soles are a very important part of men’s dress shoes. Since the soles are the most wearing off parts of the shoes apart from the heels they need to be durable and lasting. Sometimes, leather soles are stitched in layers for greater strength and resistant to the shoes. Ensure that the soles are not glued but fastened well through stitches.
  • Heels: The heels of leather shoes are layered and nailed with brass pins. This cushions the dress shoes from the outside as well. Another important aspect of high quality leather shoes is that they are usually fit the size of the shoe and are not bulging out. Oversized heels can make you lose your balance while walking. For greater durability, sometimes the heels of men’s dress shoes are fastened to the sole with brass pins.

Dress your feet with style and comfort and walk miles without worrying about the conditions of your feet or dress shoes.

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