Color and Men’s Dress Shirts

Choosing a perfect dress shirt for a pair of trousers can be a daunting task for men. To avoid further doubts and complexities, the easiest and most popular route is the classic white dress shirt. Although white has its classic and crisp appearance, a trendy and new take on dress shirts is to go full forward with bright color and patterns.

Identifying the right color and pattern of the shirt

The rules of dressing are continually changing with the trend, and seasons. Try and avoid mistaken advice when prepping your closet. Unfortunately there are fashion myths to disregard. Follow color trends, and opt for bold options and make your fashion appearance known.

Easy tips to help succeed:

  • Be bold, opt for bright tones, or pastel hues for a starting point
  • Don’t be afraid to opt for simple patterns on shirts, to pair with patterned ties
  • Ask or research, it is very accessible to find and view popular color trends

Dress Blue
If going bold and bright in an array of shades is too much of an uncomfortable move start with the color blue. Visually, any shade is great, on any skin tone, or hair color.

Which blue suits your complexion or hair color?
Consider the following mix and match of colors experts have derived for wearing the color blue:

  • Tan or olive complexioned men with contrasting hair color are recommended to wear darker tones of blue
  • Fair complexioned men with dark hair color can wear every shade of blue ranging from light to dark blue shades
  • Fair complexioned men with light colored hair are recommended to wear light and softer tones of blue

Men now have easier options to explore when it comes to dressing and style. Purchase the right blues to complement your personal style and appearance.

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